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Infinit-I has impacted our business tremendously in a couple different ways. One of the largest benefits of the Infinit-I system for me personally is that it saves a lot of time and resources. Using Infinit-I to send out an update or a new memo has saved me a lot of time because I no longer am having to print off the memo, put in the drivers mailboxes, or have it mailed to them, then track each acknowledgement and follow up with the employees that have not turned their forms in. Infinit-I allows me to just assign the memo and then run a report whenever I want to see who has or hasn’t completed their assignment.

Another feature of this system that has benefited us greatly is the ease of access to information and training. We have drivers that live over 2 hours away and that don’t come into the office, so when they needed to do training it was a hassle to try to coordinate time of when they could come in during office hours to do this training. Now they are able to do this training whenever it is convenient for them, and the training can be available as soon as it is assigned. They don’t have to wait for something to be mailed to them, or wait until they have time to come into the office.

Alisha Anchor
Human Resources
Crum Trucking

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"We have had 98 – 99 % of quarterly training completion the last couple of years. Our accidents have decreased by half as well as injuries."

Robyn Pravecek
Towne Air

Marco Transport Trucking Company logo

"Our company has benefited greatly with the use of infinit-i’s online training modules. It makes what use to be a challenging task very simple and quick. Their support is always real-time and very pleasant, we’ll continue to use their service for years to come."

Carmillia Moore
Marco Transport

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"Today in the age of technology and social media, we cannot expect truck drivers to come in the office for a day or two of face to face training! Everything is online and everything is instant nowadays, so as the safety and compliance people of trucking business we have to keep up with day to day life and trends. Infinti-I is the pioneer and the leader for online truck driver training. Their short and right to the point videos and thorough follow up tests are awesome for anyone out there who is looking to save time on driver training without sacrificing quality and ultimately safety! For instance, we were able to cut our new driver orientation from two days into 2.5 hours with Infinit-I."

Anvar Zakirov
Vice President of Safety and Compliance
UZ Trans Inc.

bBestway Cartage Trucking Company logo

"We have been using the Infinit-i training sessions for just over a year now and we are very happy with the topic selection, convenience and education being provided. It's great that our users can access the information after the training is complete and that we can reassign topics to further reiterate important information. We plan to expand our use this year to utilize customized training and orientation. The program has been positively received by our users and by our insurers."

Debbie Kosmalski
Safety & Compliance
Bestway Cartage Ltd.

Monterey Mushrooms Trucking Company logo

“Monterey Logistics is a satisfied client of Infinit-i. We have 10 locations across the country and as Safety/DOT Compliance Manager, I used to travel to each location a minimum of 2 times per year to facilitate some of the monthly safety training meetings. Having each of our 143 drivers complete their safety modules independently each month has saved us tremendously. We are impressed with the quality and content of the videos and the flexibility of the program. We have been able to partner with Infinit-i to create our own videos and training modules to fit our needs. We facilitate and administrate with ease from one central location. Any issues have been few and quickly remedied. Customer Service has always been enthusiastic, thorough and professional. I give Infinit-i 2 thumbs up!”

Donna Compton
Safety/DOT Compliance Manager
Monterey Mushrooms

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"We have a customer that requires special training. We posted the training on Infinit-I we were the only company that completed the training! We have a hard time getting all our employees together for training do to conflicting schedules. Infinit-I allows all of our employees to do their training at their pace. We really like that we can add our own curriculum and customize the training to our needs."

Chris Van Meerhaeghe
Fleet operations Manager
Robertson Williams Transport

Milan Express Trucking

“Almost every law suit we get includes a claim for negligent hiring and negligent retention and/or training. Your product and the way it documents the training by testing at the end can go a long way in proving to a jury that the employer is working hard to put only qualified, trained people out there.

We have adopted and our employees now expect there to be required training 12 times per month. For "over-the-road" carriers like us who have a hard time getting drivers together in a group meeting, your product resolves all those issues.”

Pat Landreth
Manager, Loss Prevention
Milan Express

Dash Hot Shot Services

“We recently had an insurance audit. I showed them the safety training records for our drivers. The insurance man was very pleased with the variety of training topics and the documentation of the training! Thank you very much!”

Colleen Anderson
Dash Hot Shot Service, Inc

Legacy Transport

“Legacy Transportation Systems started working with Vertical Alliance Group, after a “tough” DOT Full Audit, in December of 2010. Utilizing Infinit-i training programs to focus on Our Basic’s, Legacy improved Our Basic’s score in almost every category. In just “Fatigued Driving” category, Legacy started at 85.9%. As of today ( December 3, 2012) our score is now 58.3% Thanks to Vertical Alliance Group, Legacy is headed in the Right Direction.”

Bradley Langston
Safety Director
Legacy Transportation

Missouri Organic Logo

“The infinit-i program has helped us tremendously in our companies safety program. we are looking forward to another great year of improving driver awareness and safety on the roads.”

Thank you.
Dave Collins
Route Manager
Missouri Organic

WCD Trucking Logo

"I am a previous driver for a company that used Infinit-i. I am now the Manager of Safety and Compliance. I selected Infinit-I because I love the custom website and ease of access. The ability to watch the videos anywhere and anytime is very nice as well. Plus, the videos I felt were very well produced. Overall I would recommend Vertical Alliance Group to anyone."

Thank you.
Keith Buchanan
Safety & Compliance Manager

SEM Tex Express Trucking

“Since we started using Infinit-I in June of 2011, our Unsafe Driving scores have dropped from 82.3% to 68.8% and our Fatigued Driving (HOS) scores have dropped from 66% to 44%. Infinit-I is a very user friendly product and has been beneficial to my company. My Customer Service Representative is always knowledgeable, friendly and eager to take my call.”

John Banman, Owner/CEO
SEM Tex Express

US Xpress Trucking

U.S. Xpress, Inc.
Dispatcher/Driver Relationship Curriculum

“U.S. Xpress started using your on line video training sessions in the beginning of January (2012). I wanted to write you to let you know that we all enjoy and appreciate your enthusiasm and passion.

We have two and sometimes three new videos and tests to complete each week. The first week or two the feedback from my employees was 'why do we have to do this?', or 'are we going to learn anything from this?'. Since that time the training sessions have become topics of discussion amongst everyone and the employees have really bought in and enjoy the training.

I hear people repeating your jokes all the time but it’s not just the jokes that they remember. Thank you for making the videos both educational and entertaining. We have all learned a lot and for sure have taken notice to the importance of the dispatcher driver relationship. We look forward to all the remaining training videos and I am for certain the knowledge we gain will pay huge dividends in the culture and future of this company.”

Jeff Carter, Operations Supervisor
U.S. Xpress, Inc. Chattanooga, TN

Rummel’s Oilfield Services

“As a busy oilfield hot shot company trying to complete training for drivers who are constantly on the road was a difficult task, but with the Infinit-i system it has become a convenient, user friendly way to ensure our drivers get the training we require at their convenience. All they have to do is log on to our website from any computer, anywhere and complete our customized driver training orientation. With excellent customer service and an easy to use administration as well as basic user system, Infinit-i makes driver training and record-keeping of training a simple, streamlined process. Well worth it!”

Heather Graham
Human Resources / Safety Coordinator
Rummel’s Oilfield Services

Fikes Truck Lines

"Our incentive to our drivers at this time is on DOT inspections and we give a monetary reward. We do not have a bonus program at this time but are working on more rewards for our drivers who have clean inspections, no accidents, etc.

Fikes requires our Owner/Operators to operate their business professionally and in compliance with all safety regulations and mandates. We have not had any resistance in the training we require them to do as a result of bad inspections, an accident/incident. Some may not like it, but we thoroughly explain the purpose and the alternative if they do not do training to further educate themselves and show that they are willing to do what is necessary to continue working for Fikes and/or driving a truck for a living.

CSA is that serious. We place utmost importance on Federal regulations and CSA. We make sure they understand that every driver has his/her own safety score so they are affected as much as the carrier. A driver holds his future in his own hands because he is responsible and accountable. Also, when we have a customer requesting our plan to lower our CSA scores, they are impressed with the fact that we have training available for so many different issues.

CSA, now Compliance - Safety – Accountability, is a game changer and will devalue Carriers and Drivers alike for those that will not get with the mandates that the FMCSA has bestowed upon us. Infinit-i™ is so far a very useful tool in our trucking safety cycle and we are all excited about everything Infinit-i has to offer and also learning more about the Dispatcher and Driver Relationship program."

Danny Watson
Director of Safety
Fikes Truck Line

Wilsonart International

“Using the Vertical Alliance Group Online Training System (Infinit-i™) has allowed me to provide quality safety training to all of our satellite locations and also to our main manufacturing plants. This system eliminated the practice of mailing training materials to these locations all over the United States. It also ensures that every employee throughout the organization regardless of location is receiving the same training and is easily documented within the system.

The feedback that I have gotten from employees has been very positive and I am looking forward to a long term relationship with Vertical Alliance Group. The customer support is outstanding and has worked with me daily to answer questions when I was implementing the system.”

Shelby Flaugh
Safety Manager
Wilsonart International

Action Resources

"After experiencing 200% growth in the last three years, we needed a way to keep our drivers up to date on their recurrent training requirements under DOT and OSHA regulations. Deciding that internet-based training was the way to go, and after evaluating a couple of options we decided to try the Infinit-i training system developed by Vertical Alliance Group.

Now, instead of having to pull drivers off the road for routine safety talks, they can receive updates on timely topics including CSA BASICS, FMCSA, and PHMSA topics and several relevant OSHA topics either from their home-based computers or laptops with internet connectivity. Not only have the training programs been well received by our drivers, they help increase productivity and equipment utilization, allowing the drivers to spend more time on the road and less in the classroom. Nothing will ever replace face-to-face classroom training, but now we can concentrate those efforts on the more complex subjects.

Considering the 'cost-per-class' or 'cost-per-seat' there was really no comparison; Infinit-i had the best value. They constantly develop new training programs and I can even send videos and company specific PowerPoint® presentations to VAG, and they will deliver them on my companies’ specific web page.

Customer Service and Technical Support have been outstanding."

Douglas R. Carothers
Manager, EH&S Compliance Programs
Action Resources


“We used to spend $1,000 per driver on our orientation, including bus ticket, hotel, meals, and man hours for the instructor. The driver also had to sit in a classroom for two days going through training, so if we hired a driver on Friday, he was not on the road for us until the following Wednesday. With Infinit-i, we have virtually eliminated our entire orientation costs, because the driver can go through orientation online immediately, wherever he is in the country. Also, that driver can be on the road for us the very next day, so if we hire a driver on Friday, he can be on the road moving freight for us on Saturday. We gain four days of miles per driver.”

Pat Landreth
Director of Loss Prevention
Milan Express

Swift Logo

At Southern Refrigerated Transport (SRT), Infinit-i Increases Revenue, Improves Operating Ratio and Delivers ROI .

“I have not spoken with anyone at SRT that doesn’t hold the company (VAG) in the highest regard and think that its services are an excellent value.

At the time, it was simply an idea. A strategy that had never been executed." Full PDF

Jim Dodd, CFO S.R.T.
Southern Refrigerated Transport

Swift Logo

“We chose to outsource to Vertical Alliance... to help us manage some of our new entrant driver processing functions, like those pre-employment hurdles related to commercial driver permits. We knew it would be cost effective… but what we did not anticipate was the human resource value. The system actually helps us identify our future best employees. Shortly after launching the system, we discovered that the applicants who finish the online process are the initiative takers and have a level of self discipline that translates into a superior driver. It weeds out those individuals who aren’t serious about their careers.”

Tim McLain
Swift Transportation

Act Logo

"We started with Infinit-i™ in 2008, and our fuel economy was at 6.1 MPG. In 2009 we improved to 6.5 MPG and we started 2010 at 6.9 MPG. By training, counseling and continually working with our drivers…the efficiency of operation saves them and/or the company money, everyone profits as a result of those efforts, and the job gets easier." - Full Article

Jack Curry, Safety Director A.C.T.
American Central Transport

Tri State Logo

“I utilized their online training for initial and recurrent training. I saw a definite improvement in driver behavior, especially in hours of service/moving violations after the driver had gone thru the 7 behavior training modules for CSA 2010. I think the benefit was this training came from a source other than management; therefore it was received with more of an open mind. When I questioned a driver after they had completed the modules, the consensus was one of “Wow”! I think it was making a lasting impact and opening their eyes to the ramifications for non compliance.”

Bruce Wrinkle
Texarkana, TX / Former Safety Director
Tri-State Delivery

Tri State Logo

“Vertical Alliance has proven to be a excellent, service-oriented partner for the Lockton clients we mutually share. Their Infinit-i solution provides my clients with the ability to quickly and easily adopt technology into their safety and accident prevention program resulting in measurable efficiency and improved bottom-line results. In just a few words, they are very customer focused and can be counted on to provide what they promise.”

Edward J. Newman, Vice President – Risk Services
Lockton Companies, LLC
Southern Star

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“The Hazmat Training you are providing is the best thing since sliced bread. I think this training is great for all of our employees and I would recommend it to other companies. Thanks again for your quick response.”

J. Richard Castro
Safety Director Excargo Services Inc.

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“You continue to get better at what you do and what you offer. You offer a great product.”

Bill Ramsey
Quakertown, PA / Manager of Terminal Safety
Cryogenic Transportation, Inc.

Hooster Transport

"Hoosier Air Transport uses Infinit-i™ for online training in orientation, remedial driver safety training, and to train all employees to improve the companies CSA safety rating. Your system seems to be working for us. It's a great help."

Pat Gann
Safety Director
Hoosier Air Transport, Inc.

"We have used this program since the summer of 2008 and have added it all of our parent companies.

I have outlined below our experience with the program to answer your questions:

  • Our driver safety performance has shown very significant reductions in our accidents and the quality of vehicle inspections
  • We have had a great response from our drivers from day one, as they see this as a very “driver friendly” tool to use, and also share with their families.
  • We also use the modules for remedial training or corrective actions with our fleet.
  • Using the “resource” side of the program we now insert all of our policies and manuals for electronic viewing for our drivers and staff.
  • Our operations, sales, and maintenance staff also are required to complete modules that will specifically assist their needs.
  • We have had no negative experiences with the program, the staff at Infinit-I has always been prompt and helpful with any needs."

Vern Edwards
Director of Safety
Paramount Transportation and Logistics Services, LLC
Office 303-289-1794 x1117
Fax 937-283-7804


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